CloudPointe Connect Features

Share documents and files from ANYWHERE with ANYBODY

CloudPointe SaaS is unique because you are not required to copy or migrate your files in order to share them. CloudPointe simply connects to your documents and files where they are located, whether they are on an FTP site, on Amazon S3, or in Microsoft SharePoint. You can then share your files by simply adding the e-mail addresses of those you want to have access to them. CloudPointe will send e-mail messages to each person and give them instructions on how to access the files.

Check-in and check-out and revision control

For any shared folder, you can enable check-in/check-out and revision control services. Some storage systems automatically handle check-in/check-out and revision control, while CloudPointe provides these features for other storage systems such as FTP, Secure-FTP and Amazon S3.

Preview, download AND EDIT your shared documents

Shared documents can be opened for preview (a view-only preview of your Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and other documents), download, and even checked out for editing using our editing tools all through the web browser. You control how users interact with documents, and choose whether people can only view, or make changes to your shared documents.

Multiple large file uploads

Users can upload large files to you through your shared folder, and can even select and upload multiple files at a time. Since CloudPointe connects to your existing FTP site or storage infrastructure, the files they upload show up right on your server.

Let customers and vendors review and comment on media files and documents

When you share documents and files with CloudPointe, users can view, star and comment on documents allowing you to track feedback and more.

Embed CloudPointe SaaS in YOUR website or web application

With a few mouse clicks, copy and paste a few lines of code into a web page, and then users can log in and get access to shared documents right from your website. Our easy embeddable document sharing system lets users log in directly through your website with their e-mail address and auto-assigned password.

You can also integrate CloudPointe into your website or application using our developer API. Developers can auto authenticate users and let them use the same embeddable collaboration system or handle file uploads, downloads and changes directly with the API, using CloudPointe as middleware.

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