CloudPointe connects to your storage infrastructure

Preserve and extend your existing storage investment

Most internet file sharing tools make you duplicate your documents to their storage, which can introduce security, compliance and workflow problems.

Instead of adding risk and fragmenting your data infrastructure, CloudPointe connects to YOUR documents and content, whether they are on internet, cloud or on-premise storage. We provide a growing list of connectors for storage systems such as FTP, Secure-FTP, Amazon S3, Google Docs, SharePoint and many others.

CloudPointe SAAS keeps you in control of your content at all times, and gives you the flexibility of how and when to share it both inside and outsite the enterprise.

Turn low-cost Internet and cloud storage into a document management system

The reason that enterprise document and content management systems cost so much is because of features like check-in, check-out, commenting and revision control, which low-cost Internet and cloud storage doesn't provide -- until now. CloudPointe provides check-in, check-out, previews, commenting and revision control on any type of storage, including low-cost FTP and cloud storage like Amazon S3. With CloudPointe, you can get the advantages of low-cost storage, and still have the security of revision controlled documents.

Embed or Integrate CloudPointe in YOUR website or web application

With a few mouse clicks, copy and paste a few lines of code into a web page, and then users can log in and get access to shared documents right from your website. Our easy embeddable document sharing system lets users log in directly through your website with their e-mail address and auto-assigned password.

You can also integrate CloudPointe into your website or application using our developer API. Developers can auto authenticate users and let them use the same embeddable collaboration system or handle file uploads, downloads and changes directly with the API, using CloudPointe as middleware.

Connect instead of copying

Many document sharing technologies offer you space in their storage system, and when you need to get your data, you must use their software. CloudPointe is different because you leave your files where they are. Configure CloudPointe to connect to them, and then share them with the people you want. That means you don't have duplicate, or different versions of files floating around. That also means that you don't have to do any fancy integration work to connect your business documents with your website or shared files.

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