Cloud Middleware Company Announces Mobile Collaboration Services

Philadelphia, PA - February 22, 2011: CloudPointe LLC announced today the release of its mobile web application for digital asset collaboration. The new mobile platform utilizes CloudPointe's SaaS middleware to enable mobile access to shared documents and digital assets on any kind of internet, cloud and on-premise storage.

The mobile application enhances CloudPointe's services by allowing users to easily access shared documents and digital assets from their Apple IOS, Blackberry and Android smartphones. Users can view, bookmark and comment on assets as well as invite other users to their shared folders from a mobile device.

CloudPointe's SaaS creates collaborative content workspaces that utilize any combination of a company's internet, cloud and on-premise storage. CloudPointe establishes an authentic "single source of truth" for digital assets, solving data duplication, privacy, integrity, security and regulatory issues. Companies can rapidly extend into the cloud without the need for costly data migration and, while preserving existing workflow, protecting existing investment in infrastructure. CloudPointe's tools include document control, transformation and secure distribution, which can eliminate the loss of control that comes from extensive use of email attachments. Connectors are available for Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon S3, Google Docs and many others.

CloudPointe founder and CEO, Andrew Schwabe said, "We have re-thought everything about how people share documents and digital assets with mobile devices, and our platform provides exciting benefits while ensuring data integrity and security." He added "With CloudPointe, mobile users can share their own documents in a secure manner between mobile devices, whether face-to-face or while on a phone call."

Gartner, Inc.* recently highlighted "the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2011" and identified Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications and Social Communication and Collaboration as the top 3. CloudPointe mobile engages all three of these growing trends into technology that significantly enhances productivity while helping with important commerce compliance issues and risk mitigation such as data loss protection (DLP).

About CloudPointe LLC:

CloudPointe is the first cloud based middleware company that offers a SaaS based collaboration platform designed to provide intelligent digital asset control services for both enterprise and low cost cloud storage. CloudPointe offers a free account that connects to FTP and Google Docs storage. More information is available on the CloudPointe website at Follow CloudPointe on Facebook and Twitter.

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