CloudPointe DMS, CloudPointe Connect and CloudPointe ECS in the cloud enterprise ecosystem
CloudPointe DMS
Secure, full-featured digital asset management system that provides on-premise collaboration, workflow and portal services.
Why CloudPointe?
  • Digital Asset Type Agnostic
  • Find Documents Faster With Relevent Search
  • Powerful Workflow, Automation and Business Process Management
  • Large File Format Support
  • Low In-House Support Costs
CloudPointe Connect SaaS
Secure, cloud-based middleware for document and digital asset collaboration.
Why CloudPointe?
  • Maintain an Authentic, Single Source of Truth
  • Replace Email attachments with Secure, Controlled Distribution
  • Data Integrity Preservation
  • Data Duplication Prevention
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Secure Mobile Access
  • Digital Asset Type Agnostic
  • Maintain Compliance
CloudPointe ECS
Secure, encrypted cloud storage for online business content.
Why CloudPointe?
  • API Accessible (RESTful)
  • Web Based Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Digital Asset Encryption
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Maintain Compliance

CloudPointe solutions work on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Desktops with X-Windows using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers.
cloud point is cloud middleware for storage virtualization. Use cloud point to build your applications and have the freedom of choice for storage, as well as the ability to integrate and migrate data between storage platforms. Use cloud point to create secure document workspaces.

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