CloudPointe® Connect
Content Protection Platform
"The interface is very intuitive" and the embedding capability is "really cool and easy to setup."

- Jason, a developer from Stream Companies

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Considering A Move To The Cloud? Extend Instead.
CloudPointe Connect middleware sits in the cloud and acts as the middle-man between your on-premise and cloud storage, and provides secure, brandable collaboration tools for people inside and outside the firewall while preserving your infrastructure and workflow and reducing security risk.
Cloud Document Management Tools
Easy-to-use access to critical files, available from anywhere. Use revision control, check-in and check-out, commenting and bookmarking for your organization, customers and partners, whether you are using a laptop or a mobile device.
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Secure File Sharing
CloudPointe's secure content delivery services let you share documents and media files with others in a way that you never lose control. Prevent printing, saving and prevent users from forwarding documents to other people.
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Branded Content Delivery
With a few clicks, embed collaboration tools into your own web application or website. Maintain your brand and presence by letting customers and partners collaborate and read documents right through your own website.
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Single-Source Authenticity
Worried about multiple copies of your sensitive documents sitting in people's email boxes or computers? CloudPointe helps you establish a single authoritative source for your documents and makes sure that people always see the most current version.
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Content Sovereignty
Are you concerned where your documents are stored? Or from where they can be accessed? With CloudPointe, you decide where the storage resides, ensuring fully auditable, compliant access and control.
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Managed File Transfer
CloudPointe Connect's API gives you access to all kinds of on-premise, internet and cloud storage, giving you the ability to import, export and exchange data between any data source.
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