Information Technology

  • Provides secure and controlled access to your information where it is currently stored

  • Use ONE standardized API to access and manage documents and files on any kind of cloud or on-premise storage

  • Collaboration, document sharing and revision control in a single, online platform

  • Reduce e-mail traffic and IT support queries

  • Enhances, without replacing, your existing infrastructure

  • Delivers greater ROI from an existing deployment



  • Have a common place for staff and students to access assignments

  • Enable students to share files with their classmates for projects

  • Allow collaboration between students in different locations or those enrolled in distance learning courses

  • Allow collaboration for satellite offices to easily communicate with each other and students


Financial Services

  • Allow clients to electronically upload documents for review

  • Clients can easily upload the live copy of their books for fical review and year-end tax preparation

  • Uploading documents eliminates the practice of insecure e-mailing of sensitive material



  • Easily share only the necessary information with other departments, agencies and consultants

  • Collaborate more effectively by having the documents stored in one location, with added benefit of revision control

  • Security settings allow you to control access to sensitive documents



  • Easily share information externally with agencies, clients, partners and suppliers with the added ability to expire or remove access at any time

  • By using CloudPointe Connect to give PDF previews of proposals, potential clients can no longer take your document to competitors
  • Manage agencies and progress of projects from a single online source

  • Drive those involved in the project to continually upload documents and refer users to CloudPointe Connect rather than clog up e-mail systems

  • Let customers and vendors review and comment on media files and documents without having to manually convert them to PDF or JPG



  • Easily share "preview only" images with clients

  • Easily allow agencies to download photos that you approve for publications

  • Have users login directly from your website

  • Let customers review and comment on media files and documents




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