CloudPointe DMS

CloudPointe DMS is a full-featured enterprise digital asset management system that provides on-premise collaboration, workflow and portal services.  It is part of the CloudPointe Platform.

Rapidly build and deploy custom tailored business applications and portals using business forms, workflow, workspaces and reports with an easy point-and-click interface.  It is highly customizable, can communicate with your existing databases and applications, and is designed to grow with your needs.

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A Rich Set of Tools For Growing Companies

Store and manage your organization's documents and content, all of which are automatically versioned, have PDF previews, are full-text indexed for search. Design electronic forms for business processes, and create workflow so the right information gets to the right people quickly. Powerful portal services let you share reports, documents, links to other applications and websites. Highly compatible with all modern software, such as Open Office, Microsoft Office, Wordperfect, IBM Symphony, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and more for Windows, Mac and Linux end users.

A Robust Scalable Platform For Web Application Development

Rapidly prototype full applications, point and click design forms, content admin tools and reports for business applications or as web content for websites -- all automatically revision controlled and indexed for keyword searching. SOA architecture means easily integrating fusiondox with your 3rd party and custom built applications. Powerful workflow engine lets you design custom code modules for business process automation. Developer toolkit lets you customize and build your own form components, report templates, style the interface, perform RPC operations and more.

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