CloudPointe Encrypted Cloud Storage (ECS)
  • Secure, fully encrypted cloud storage
  • Unlimited online storage for documents and digital assets
  • Per Gigabyte monthly charges
  • Fully API accessible
  • Fully Auditable
CloudPointe ECS is an add-on service for CloudPointe Connect, and can be used to create SECURE and COMPLIANT extensions of your enterprise.

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Feature Comparison
CloudPointe Connect

Secure, cloud-based middleware for document and digital asset collaboration.
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CloudPointe DMS

A full-featured enterprise digital asset management system that provides on-premise collaboration, workflow and portal services.
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The problem with unsafe cloud storage

The reason most organizations are hesitant to use cloud storage is because of the risks involved:
  • Loss of control: Uncontrolled distribution of links to documents.
  • Insecure communication: Are files publicly accessible? Are they transferred in the clear?
  • Fully auditable: Do you have an absolute record of everybody who has accessed your content?
In contrast to other cloud storage providers, we provide storage that addresses these issues. Data is encrypted the whole way between users' computers and CloudPointe ECS. Documents and content are only accessible via our encryption API. Each user has their own encryption policy, so there is no chance that your data can fall into the wrong hands.
CloudPointe works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Desktops with X-Windows using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers.
cloud point is cloud middleware for storage virtualization. Use cloud point to build your applications and have the freedom of choice for storage, as well as the ability to integrate and migrate data between storage platforms. Use cloud point to create secure document workspaces.

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